What’s different about hypnotic weight loss?

Diets don’t help you understand why you got into an unhealthy relationship with food in the first place. They treat the symptom, excess weight, instead of addressing the problem.

The weight loss program at Mind Matters, on the other hand, helps you understand why you’re carrying the excess weight, to begin with, addressing the core of the issue instead of just the symptom.

Traditional diets don’t address the emotional side of eating. From the beginning of your life, you’re taught to use food to stuff, create or celebrate your emotions. Diets don’t teach you how to undo or address that learning. Hypnosis does.

Weight release service

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Hypnosis helps you understand your emotions

Hypnosis helps you understand what emotion you’re eating to suppress or create, helps your mind come up with healthier ways of dealing with that emotion and finally, separates food from emotions.

Hypnosis enables you to tap into your body’s built-in signals for hunger, thirst, exercise, and sleep, as well as creating a whole new relationship with food and your body. One that is partnering rather than adversarial. One where your body literally shares with you what it needs for nutrition and weight release throughout the day. No schedules to follow, no weights, no measurements and best of all, much less effort than with traditional diets.

Supporting research

Hypnosis is over 30 times as effective for weight loss

Hypnosis was more effective than a control group: an average of 17 lbs lost by the hypnosis group vs. an average of 0.5 lbs lost by the control group, on follow-up. Two Years Later: Hypnosis Subjects Continued To Lose Significant Weight. At 8-month and 2-year follow-ups, the hypnosis subjects were found to have continued to lose significant weight, while those in the behavioral-treatment-only group showed little further change.*
Cochrane, Gordon; Friesen, J. (1986). Hypnotherapy in weight loss treatment. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 54, 489-49

*Your results may vary.

Hypnosis Subjects Lost More Weight Than 90% of Others and Kept it Off

Researchers analyzed 18 studies comparing a cognitive behavioral therapy such as relaxation training, guided imagery, self-monitoring, or goal setting with the same therapy supplemented by hypnosis. Those who received the hypnosis lost more weight than 90 percent of those not receiving hypnosis and maintained the weight loss two years after treatment ended.*
University of Connecticut, Storrs Allison DB, Faith MS. Hypnosis as an adjunct to cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy for obesity: a meta-analytic reappraisal. J Consult Clin Psychol. 1996;64(3):513-516.

*Your results may vary

How the program works

Number of sessions

3-10 highly personalized one-on-one sessions.

The number of sessions required will be dependent on the amount of weight you have to release. If you have less than 30 lbs to release, 3 sessions is typically sufficient. If you have more than 30 lbs to release, you should plan on 6 sessions or more

Program schedule

Session 1: Week 1, 2 hours
Session 2: Week 2, 1-1 1/2 hours
Session 3: Week 4, 1-1 1/2 hours
Session 4-10: as needed

Program cost

Price depends on your location. Please schedule a free 15-minute consultation to learn more.

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