Why hypnosis can help

The Mind Matters Hypnosis team launched a 10-session Addiction/Relapse Prevention Protocol Program years ago with the sole purpose of helping people. We guide long-time alcoholics and drug users to an overall better place free of their addictions.

The program requires you to be completely honest with yourself and your specialist, as such, we offer an environment totally free of judgement.

Alcoholism - addiction protocol

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How does hypnosis help you stop drinking and/or relapsing?

  • Together, we will get to the very root of the addiction, we will support you as you ford the road to becoming clean and sober.
  • We will also provide you with additional resources so you never feel you are working toward this goal on your own.
  • Relapse prevention tools will also be supplied.
  • We are not going to lie, it is deep, emotional work, but, on the other end of it, you will find freedom and many more possibilities for deeper life connections.
  • The goal of this program is to help you find agency in your own life.

How the program works

Number of sessions

10 highly personalized one-on-one sessions, plus an After Your Session tool kit.

Program schedule

Every week for 6 weeks, then every other week.

Program cost

Our Addiction/Relapse Prevention Protocol Program require full payment at the time of the first session.

Sessions will not be canceled under any circumstances. There will be no refund should you decide to drop out of the program.

Session fees range based on office location.

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