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Why hypnosis can help

We all know how difficult it is to change a habit, never mind dealing with an addiction. Smoking is an addiction on many levels – on physiological, chemical, mental, and emotional levels. Have you tried using willpower, only to fail a day or two later? A nicotine substitute that you then became addicted to or, worse yet, the second you got off you were right back where you started: smoking cigarettes.

Hypnosis is a whole new way to win the battle against cigarettes. One that The American Cancer Society endorses and proven to be one of the most effective stop smoking cessation tools available today. That is why our quitting cigarettes hypnosis program in NYC & CT offers an effective, scientifically-backed approach to quitting smoking. Say goodbye to smoking and embrace a healthier you.

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

Remote Sessions also Available for all Hypnosis Services

How does hypnosis work for smoking cessation?

  • Hypnosis allows you to understand why you smoke. Is it just a habit that’s turned into an “addiction” – or are you trying to numb some emotions in the process?
  • It allows you to fundamentally understand the damage cigarettes do to your body and set your mind to a state of self-care that is completely inconsistent with smoking or poisoning yourself in any way.
  • All habits start as conscious thought. You decided to try that first cigarette. Hypnosis allows you to go back and change that initial thought – essentially erasing the habit at its origin.
  • Hypnosis literally allows you to change your identity from a smoker to a non-smoker. As a non-smoker, you don’t think about or crave cigarettes. You’re not bothered, aside from the disgusting smell, when people smoke around you. You are a non-smoker with the mentality of a non-smoker. Free at last.
  • Hypnosis enables you to boost your immune system, helping you flush toxins from your body at a rapid clip, so you experience minimal if any side effects.

How the program works

Number of sessions

Number of sessions: 2 highly personalized one-on-one sessions, plus “After your Session” resources and MP3s.

Program schedule

1-2 sessions

Program cost

Session Cost: $550 – $650 for both sessions.

Session fees range based on office location.

Supporting research

Hypnosis Most Effective Says Largest Study Ever: 3 Times as Effective as Patch and 15 Times as Effective as Willpower.

Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. A meta-analysis, statistically combined results of more than 600 studies of 72,000 people from America and Europe to compare various methods of quitting. On average, hypnosis was over three times as effective as nicotine replacement methods and 15 times as effective as trying to quit alone. University of Iowa, Journal of Applied Psychology, How One in Five Give Up Smoking. October 1992. (Also New Scientist, October 10, 1992.)

90.6% Success Rate for Smoking Cessation Using Hypnosis.

Of 43 consecutive patients undergoing this treatment protocol, 39 reported remaining abstinent from tobacco use at follow-up (6 months to 3 years post-treatment.) This represents a 90.6% success rate using hypnosis. University of Washington School of Medicine, Depts. of Anesthesiology and Rehabilitation Medicine, Int J Clin Exp Hypn. 2001 Jul;49(3):257-66. Barber J.

Hypnosis More Effective Than Drug Interventions For Smoking Cessation.

Group hypnosis sessions evaluated at a less effective success rate (22% success) than individualized hypnosis sessions. However, group hypnosis sessions were still demonstrated here as being more effective than drug interventions. Ohio State University, College of Nursing, Columbus, OH 43210, USA Descriptive outcomes of the American Lung Association of Ohio hypnotherapy smoking cessation program. Ahijevych K, Yerardi R, Nedilsky N.

What clients say about it

"My first session of two was 7/13/15 and I was also asked to pay for it all in advance, however I only paid for the 1st session the date that I went and the 2nd session on 7/20/15 when I returned a week later. I thought the price would be too much for the results.
The office area was small but quaint and the hypnotist who I was scheduled to see was very professional. At no point in time during the session did I ever feel as if I wasn't in control of what I was doing or saying. I had to add that in because a lot of people that I know have misconceptions about being hypnotized and not having control. I was mindful of my surroundings the ENTIRE TIME and felt completely comfortably and safe.
I quit smoking that same day after my first visit and haven't smoked since. Although I stopped smoking that day I did attend the second session the following week. I am the mother of a young toddler; therefore, it was important to me to quit for life. I feel that both of the sessions are beneficial and even necessary to have this foundation forever. When I attended the second session, I was able to tell her what worked for me and what I may still need to concentrate on during the second session. In this way all my issues and concerns were cleared up fully at the end of the 2nd visit even though I had already quit smoking after the 1st visit. (No nagging temptations to smoke after the 2nd visit.)
Although it has only been a few weeks I do not even have cravings AT ALL and I am now a NON-SMOKER! I don't want to smoke I don't even think about cigarettes, it's as if I forgot I used to smoke. We even discussed healthier options for when I am driving which is when I used to smoke the most.
Mind Matters Hypnosis honed in on a lot of my concerns as they related to smoking and addressed a few issues that exacerbated my smoking; such as my anxiety and grief related to a family member's passing which triggered me to begin to smoke nine years ago. The work that was done through hypnotherapy regarding the grief and anxiety and how it related to my smoking was astonishing and I am forever grateful! I am now a true believer in this process. I would recommend Mind Matters Hypnosis Center to my family and friends."*

*Individual Results May Vary


"Mind Matters Hypnosis had worked with me on quitting my smoking habit. It has been almost 10 months now. I love the fact that I haven't craved for a cigarette. Two of my friends have also quit under Mind Matters Hypnosis’ guidance. I am extremely pleased with the center’s professionalism. Thank you!"*

*Individual Results May Vary


"I struggled for many years to quit smoking – I used Chantix, gum, patch, Wellbutrin & “white knuckling” — not only did these not work, it was incredibly painful going through the quitting process each and every time. Using hypnosis to help me quit smoking was a completely different experience … Not only was it NOT long & painful, I noticed immediately that I didn’t need a cigarette — the cravings I did have the first few days were mild & the techniques I learned from MMH were very effective in helping me get past those few shaky moments. My only regret is that I didn’t try this years ago… This WORKS & I will (& already have) suggest this to others… Thank you so much for giving me the tools I needed to get my life back."*

*Individual Results May Vary


"I knew if you could do it for my sister – the ‘professional’ smoker – you could do it for me and you did!!! Life as a non-smoker is even better than you said it was going to be!! I can’t believe I deprived myself of it for all these years. I thank you and my family thanks you for all that you did to help me (and my daughter) conquer that nasty old habit. It was worth the drive."*

*Individual Results May Vary


"No smoking! The urge is TOTALLY gone. Thanks Mind Matters Hypnosis, it was worth every penny."*

*Individual Results May Vary


"I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for all of your help. I am still a NON-SMOKER thanks to you, but in addition to that I felt a huge burden of anxiety and negativity and grief lifted off of my chest after our last session. It was so freeing and amazing. God Bless you for what you do. Thanks again for all of your help, the whole experience was amazing and I continue to feel awesome after the last visit."*

*Individual Results May Vary

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