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Training on the life-changing power of hypnosis

Many people want to be able to say they can change other people’s lives and help them improve at least one aspect of it. But, to do it successfully, tools are needed—and Mind Matters Hypnosis can help you learn what those tools are and how to use them. Here’s a secret: you already have them within yourself.

We offer a 100-hour Basic or Advanced Online Hypnotherapy Certification Training Course in NYC by certified hypnotists and expert hypnotherapists. It provides training on the life-changing power of hypnosis.

You will become a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnosis.

This course is a combination of eight full days of remote training, plus home and group study/practice.

This training will NOT BE RECORDED. It is conducted in the “active learning” technique, with the group engaging in various discussions and exercises. Therefore attendance online in real-time is required.

Certification training
Certification training

Hands-on learning on hypnosis

In this course, there is as much hands-on learning as book learning. The practical applications and text learning will ingrain the process and allow for a much deeper understanding of the material.

You will leave the course with a solid foundation on which to build a new career or expand your current career and the confidence to begin applying all you’ve learned with others.

This course is taught by Mind Matters Hypnosis Center – a thriving practice, with several locations, built primarily on client and health practitioner referrals.

Everything learned in this course has been developed through thousands of hours of training and working with clients. Our years of experience deliver consistently high levels of success to clients who are dealing with a range of issues, this training is designed to equip you to do the same.

We are now enrolling for 2024 class

Schedule your interview for our 8 WEEKS training.

The cost is $3,800. We are offering an early bird price of $3333 & payment plans are negotiable, so please make us aware if that option is needed.

This course is a combination of eight full days of remote training, plus home and group study/practice.

This training will NOT BE RECORDED. It is conducted in the “active learning” technique, with the group engaging in various discussions and exercises. Therefore, attendance online in real-time is required.

Become a certified consulting hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnosis. Receive training on the life changing power of hypnosis, learn powerful deepening techniques, and more.

Availability is limited so call (860) 693-6448 and schedule your preliminary interview with instructor Calypso Portugaels today!


I just completed the Hypnotist certification course with Calypso . This was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done for myself . This course has completely changed my life ! Whether you are looking for a career change , a skill to add to your resume , or just some self care I strongly urge you to take this course . It is such a unique experience and Calypso has does such an amazing job creating a safe space you really create such an amazing bond with the group. The class is not only extremely informative but you also so healing . There is a huge spectrum of what you can use this class for it is not just for therapists looking to add to their sessions . This course is for anybody ! I was genuinely sad when this course finished and have stayed in touch with many of my classmates . I am looking forward and hoping to do more courses with Calypso. I can’t recommend this course enough !!

Landon S.

What I loved about the class was not just the knowledge I obtained-which was everything I expected to learn about hypnosis and so more-but also, the vibe that was created. I felt supported by my instructor and classmates. I felt the experience was bigger and more potent than a typical 8 week online course. I felt like I was a part of a group that was committed not only to learning a new skill, but also to growing and learning in general with the intention of healing ourselves and in turn the collective-in ways that remain in our scope 😉 I also finished the course knowing I have all the tools I need to become an excellent hypnotist-I just need to practice, practice, practice.

Kate M.

I attended the hypnosis training with Calypso. It was very comprehensive and well-structured, with lots of practice. It taught me how to become a good hypnotist and confidently work with clients. Calypso is an amazing, knowledgeable teacher, and she made the learning process enjoyable. I would highly recommend this training as well as the instructor

Agnes, CT

I just wanted to say thank you for such an awesome and wonderful course. It was great 👍 and I learned a lot.

Linda B.

The Mind Matters Training is one of the best things I have done. I am thankful I learned a skill to add to the healing modalities I offer in my practice. I am also convinced that hypnosis works. I am confident because I have seen results in my habits, thinking, and body. The training helped me understand the mechanics and it was a space where I could practice bravery and humility. It is vulnerable to learn something new and be a beginner and that is a valuable place for me to be because it helps me remember that feeling for my clients.

Davelyn H.

Thoroughly enjoyed the certified Hypnosis training class offered
by Mind Matters Hypnosis. The instructors were very
knowledgeable and passionate about hypnosis. They made the
course material extremely easy to understand and to learn. After
the class I felt confident and ready to perform hypnosis on friends,
family and clients.

Jordan T.

The Certification Training at Mind Matters was a wonderful
experience. It offers the student new skills, promotes connection
and fun, while enhancing care of self. The trainers teach with an
open heart. It is well worth it!

Angela S.

Go beyond what you think you know about the subconscious and
get an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the mind
and how you can best address and heal a majority of life’s
challenges. Receive training in a professional and supportive
environment conducive to the growth and success of each
participant. Graduate with the confidence to use the healing
power of hypnosis in your own life, as well as to help those in
need. The Mind Matters Hypnosis Training is truly a life changing

Ginger S.

I am so thankful to have done my Hypnosis training under the
caring, diligent, and skillful tutelage of Calypso Portugaels. Her
dedication and reverence for the craft is so very apparent in the

way she teaches. Her expertise and commitment are a credit to
the community. I can say with confidence that, as a direct result of
training under Calypso, I am a better hypnotist and am well
equipped to aid those in need with transforming their lives for the

Jackie H.

Mind Matters Hypnosis Training was an excellent training
program and I highly recommend it. Calypso Portugaels is a
knowledgeable and generous teacher. She offered a thorough
and deep understanding of the art of hypnosis. The instructors
combined years of practical experience as well as their generosity
of spirit and skilled teaching style made this course a wonderful
learning experience.

Diana M.

Calypso Portugaels

Calypso discovered hypnosis first as a client. In fact, a skeptical one. It took two sessions to make her a believer. Then, a third one to make her realize she had come across a life-changing tool.

Later on, she went on to become a hypnotist herself. Since that transition, she’s been able to see the world in a new way she never thought possible.

From her work as a yoga and meditation teacher, Calypso has witnessed the vast power of the mind-body connection. And she’s learned to normalize practices that could seem a little esoteric or inaccessible. She now feels ready to further share the life changing tools of hypnosis with more people.

She has studied around the world, letting her travels guide her toward a deeper understanding of the human condition.
Calypso believes that all you need to make deep, lasting change is a seed or an intention. With patience, kindness, and humor, she will work with you to define the best way to work toward your goals.

We are now enrolling for 2023 class

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What you'll learn:

  • Exactly what Hypnosis is and is not
  • A brief decolonized history of hypnosis
  • The hard science of Hypnosis and how it works within the brain
  • Who can be Hypnotized
  • Suggestibility tests
  • How to enter the state of Hypnosis
  • Advanced Hypnotic inductions (including instant inductions)
  • Powerful deepening techniques
  • Convincers for maximum results
  • Suggestions & scripts
  • How to develop session structures for: Self-Hypnosis, Stress Relief, Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence, Sports, Weight Release, Smoking Cessation, Pain Management, Phobias, Emotional issues, and many more
  • Hypnotherapeutic techniques that get results
  • Hypnotic research, testimonials, and case studies
  • How to hold group hypnosis sessions

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