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Check out our Hypnosis Prices and Packages in CT & NYC. Our Hypnotherapy Session Costs are designed to make achieving your goals exciting and accessible. Elevate your life with Mind Matters Hypnosis today!

General hypnosis

One-on-one hypnosis sessions

First Session: 2 Hours – $250 / $300 depending on hypnotist

Subsequent Sessions: 90 Minutes – $225 – $300*

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Some centers offer group sessions, which are appropriate for some issues; however, here at Mind Matters we’ve found the success rates for our clients have been significantly higher when we work one-on-one, as each of us are totally unique.
Clients will often present with the same challenge, but the origins and backstory of that challenge will be different, and our goal is to find and clear the origin for lasting results. A good example of this phenomenon is smoking cessation: a group smoking cessation session will have around a 21% success rate, which is still higher than other methods, but our one-on-one sessions have a 96% success rate. Yes, it takes more time and effort, but we’re all about results so we feel it worth the investment. You can find some examples of what one-on-one sessions can help with here.

Guided visualization

60 Minutes – $200.00

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Engage all your senses as you relax in a supportive, caring and safe space, while being guided into a deep meditation. Guided visualization is a great way to refuel and a powerful technique for making positive change, reducing stress, healing and achieving self-awareness. These sessions are especially helpful for those first-timers who are new to the process and maybe a bit hesitant about hypnosis and for those who find it difficult to meditate on their own.


60 Minutes – $200 – $300*

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Many of you have experienced powerfully healing, guided hypnosis sessions, and some of you have been taught basic self-hypnosis. Imagine if your mind could be trained to drop into a very, very deep state of self-hypnosis in under a minute, and in that state could continue to work on bringing new programming into your subconscious mind? Or, take a powerful and healing hypno-nap? In this session, you’ll learn how to create positive suggestions in a way that the subconscious mind understands. There are endless uses for self-hypnosis, so join the few who enjoy having this amazing skill at their fingertips.

Hypno coaching

Life coaching

Phase 1: 6 Months, 12, 1- and 2-hour, in person and remote sessions: $2,200

Phase 2: 6 Months, 6, 1-hour sessions, in person or remote sessions: $900

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Hypno Coaching, like standard coaching on steroids, will help you break that cycle in your very first session by clearly establishing meaningful goals – heart goals and soul goals. The ones that have nothing to do with the “should.” We enter those goals into your mental GPS so all parts of you know the direction you’re heading, then we’ll dig even deeper into the motivation behind those goals and determine whether the motivation has the proper energy to sustain forward progress.

When you look back at the end of your coaching process, you’ll be pleased and amazed by all that you’ve accomplished and will recognize that you and your life are in a far better and different place, thinking; “If I could do all that, what else can I do?”

Career coaching

Option 1: 6, 1- and 2-hour, in person and remote sessions over 3 months: $1,100

Option 2: 12, 1- and 2-hour, in person and remote sessions over 6 months: $2,200

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We work with so many people who have been laid off and are at odds as to where to head next. Folks who are in a dead end job, or one that’s totally unfulfilling, but are afraid of change, or afraid that if they let go of the security of their current job, there won’t be a net to catch them when they make the leap.

Hypno Career Coaching can help with all of those issues and many more. Each and everyone of us is totally unique. We’ve been created exactly the way we’re supposed to be in order to serve our unique purpose, and our subconscious minds know exactly what that custom-tailored purpose is. We are not here to follow in our parents’ footsteps or anyone else’s for that matter. We’re here to contribute in a big way, and your subconscious mind will help you find that purpose, clear all the blocks of fear that have previously been in your way, and pave the path to a truly fulfilling and rewarding future.

Executive coaching

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Yes, you’re an executive, but you’re also a human being. You may be able to handle stress better than most, or at least appear to, but you have your challenges just like the rest of us. And, because of the demands of your busy life, you often put self-care at the end of your To Do list, which means that your personal challenges can mount in spite of your attempts to brush them off or push the aside.

As a leader, you also recognize that you health and wellbeing trickles down to those who support you and that the healthier you are mentally, emotionally and physically; the healthier those supporting you will be, and the healthier the company as a whole will be, which is win-win for all concerned.

Hypnosis packages we offer

Weight loss service – highly effective and lasting!

Alcoholism/ Addiction protocol & relapse prevention program

Stress/ anxiety: Mind and Emotion Hypnosis

Fear/ Phobias

typically 2-5 sessions

Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis for Children

Test Anxiety


Grief Recovery/ Divorce

typically 2-5 sessions

Metaphysical Hypnosis

Medical Hypnosis

Sexual Performance Issues


Certification Training

Corporate program – help your team make progress

Remote Sessions also Available for all Hypnosis Services

Life changing stories

"I have completed two sessions of hypnotherapy for GI concerns. Elaine put me at ease immediately and spent a lot of time gathering information about my current issues and past history including physical, relational, and emotional. Many of her comments were insightful and inspired trust. The hypnotherapy experience was easy for me and very relaxing as I listened to Elaine's calming voice. She was able to include everything that I had shared with her previously. At the end of my session she gave me some behavioral tools that I could use at home to enhance my experience and calm difficult feelings. I have tried them and have found them surprisingly easy to do and very effective. As of now, I do not know whether the hypnosis treatment will rid me of all my physical discomforts but, overall, it has been a positive experience."*
*Individual Results May Vary


"You warned me not to set my sights too low. I've lost the first 20lbs that I wanted and now I'm ready for more."*
*Individual Results May Vary

Diane from Unionville

"I have known Calypso for years, and I recently decided to try hypnosis for the first time with her. Due to Calypso’s calm nature, I was able to be extremely comfortable and open to receiving the benefits of hypnosis. She made me realize things about myself, in a very welcoming and non-judgemental way, allowing me to be comfortable the whole session. I believe hypnosis is a very personal experience, so in my opinion, it is very necessary to take part in this with someone as compassionate and trustworthy as Calypso. I would 100% recommend doing hypnosis with Calypso, whether you never have before or you are a returning client."*
*Individual Results May Vary

Marissa M

"It worked! I have been a smoker for over 15 years and have tried many different techniques in order to quit. Whether it be nicotine patches or antidepressants, nothing truly worked until I came to Mind Matters for hypnosis..."*
*Individual Results May Vary

Mindi from Canton

"I'm living proof that hypnotherapy works and can do wonders for your mental, emotional and physical well-being. I can't believe how different the session was from what I expected..."*
*Individual Results May Vary

Terry from Unionville

"Calypso's, energy and approach to her hypnosis practice made me feel safe and comfortable right from the start. She's a great listener and can quickly deduce what challenges to work on first.
My first session had me feeling balanced, clear-headed, light and extremely motivated to tackle the items we decided to work on. To this day I still find myself hearing her voice in my head, reminding me of what I want and need to work on. I look forward to future sessions with Calypso as she is warm, welcoming, knowledgeable in her craft, and exceptional at guiding you on a safe and healing hypnosis journey. "*
*Individual Results May Vary

Nico JP

"Alicia is amazing. She made me feel very comfortable with the process which contributed to the success of my treatment."*
*Individual Results May Vary

Brenda from Old Saybrook

"I never thought I could be hypnotized and I was impressed with the experience. I will come again. Thanks Alicia."*
*Individual Results May Vary

Renee from West Hartford

"Hi Betty,
I just wanted to let you know that the ultimate test happened this week. I was on five planes this week and had no issues with claustrophobia whatsoever! Your mantra came to me as I was boarding each time and not even a hint of panic set in. Thank you so much for helping me!"*
*Individual Results May Vary


"Thanks for working with Tyler this week. He was very upbeat upon leaving your office... He also sat right down after school and worked on his homework for an hour which he really felt good about..."*
*Individual Results May Vary

Cheri from Canton

"Thank you for helping me with so many issues and making my life better. I think of you often and hope to see you in the New Year."*
*Individual Results May Vary

Joan from Canton

"I have been hypnotized before, and I honestly believe Lisa is highly gifted. Lisa helped me make connections that had not occurred to me before in a gentle way in which I felt completely supported..."*
*Individual Results May Vary


"...But, from the first meeting, I felt confidence in your professionalism, compassion, therapeutic views, and your desire to have a close working relationship with the "team" treating patients. I have not been disappointed..."*
*Individual Results May Vary

Joyce Kamanitz, M.D., F.A.P.A. West Hartford

"I was very pleased with the hypnosis sessions that I received from Calypso. I didn't know what to expect and I thought it was just going to be something new to try and I probably wouldn't get very much from it. I was very wrong. I had previously done about a year of therapy, covering the same subjects that I had brought up in hypnosis, and if I could go back, I would have skipped therapy and gone right to hypnosis with Calypso.
She has such a talent for this line of work and I highly recommend her to just about everyone I meet. I truly believe she will change many people's lives."*
*Individual Results May Vary

Nicole L

"23 pounds and counting...I was 201 on Jan 1st, and today I was 178 with 4% body fat loss!!! And the best part is I don't crave anything!!..."*
*Individual Results May Vary

John from Simsbury

"I have tried every weight loss technique under the sun, from Weight Watchers, dietitians, nutritionists, gluten/dairy free and none of it worked for me. I have felt so great after these sessions with Alicia and combined with starting a Keto Diet I have lost 15lbs since January 1. I plan on continuing through the available mp3."
*Individual Results May Vary

Taylor L

"Alicia created a comfortable place to experience this new process. She was non-judgmental and seemed to understand my issues. Her presence was calming and her voice soothing."
*Individual Results May Vary

Therese H

"This was my first time trying hypnosis. I saw how essential the hypnotic techniques are for allowing myself to get relaxed and push past my own firewalls to face facts and understand my blind spots better. In my limited experience, talk therapy takes so much longer to chip away at the defensiveness that keeps us blinded from some memories and self-reflections. Calypso is a thoughtful and kind person, and I have a lot of respect for her talents as a healer!
*Individual Results May Vary

Jaden H.
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