Being part of life changing stories

“I have two friends who quit smoking through hypnosis, so I was hopeful that hypnosis would help me control my increasing anxiety. It did more than that; the major part of my anxiety has disappeared. The little that remains is not a problem, in fact it's quite normal and is easily minimized using the techniques that were taught to me. I did the sessions from the comfort and privacy of my own home via zoom and I am enjoying life again. I highly recommend Mind Matters.”

Catharine M.*Individual Results May Vary

“When I started working with Dayna I wanted to lose weight. What I didn’t expect was to gain something in the process - my heart. I was approaching weight loss like a drill sergeant for so many years. Working with Dayna gave me access to a kindness and compassion within me that I had never given myself before. Although I was skeptical, it happened just like she said. Through hypnosis I developed a loving relationship with myself and the weight just started to drop off. I really can’t say enough good things. ”

Susan W.*Individual Results May Vary

“53 million American adults have quit smoking cigarettes as of 2015, and I’m one of them!!!! Still and forever more a non-smoker!!! Thank you Ginger!“

Iris S.*Individual Results May Vary

“Mind Matters Hypnosis is amazing--as a fellow practitioner (I am a gynecologist), I am VERY critical. I did three sessions of weight release over a five-week period and felt like it was better than any therapy and has helped me "'eat to live' rather than 'live to eat.” I would HIGHLY recommend the team to anyone--even though I drove 1 hour and 10 minutes each way!!! It was WELL worth it!”

SHIEVA*Individual Results May Vary

“I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and my anxiety is gone! You are completely aware and in control through the entire session just extremely relaxed and the best part is IT WORKS!”

REBEKAH*Individual Results May Vary

“Mind Matters Hypnosis’ strategic approach created amazing results for me. My hypnotist actively listened to what I wanted to achieve in weight loss, mapped out a logical progression of steps and provided methods to guide me. This approach combined with her clear, calm tone and superb power of hypnosis brought me to a level of success I have been striving to achieve for 4 years. In just 3 months I lost 22 pounds and have been successful in eliminating sugar and gluten from my diet. I have recommended Mind Matters to coworkers and friends and they are experiencing positive results as well. “

DIANE*Individual Results May Vary

“I had no experience with hypnosis, my opinions only garnered like most people from TV and the movies. So, it was with quite a bit of trepidation and skepticism that I met with Ginger Summa. She very calmly and intelligently informed me what hypnosis is and isn’t, what the process would be so as to alleviate any nervousness or fears I might have about the session (we all have preconceived fears and misconceptions of the process!), and what I might or might not experience, what to expect, and how this would impact me during and after the session.

The idea alone that she would get me to relax was hard to believe, my day and life being so busy and hectic like most of us. But the session seemed to go by so quickly and amazingly, I just was super and deeply relaxed, listening to her and talking with her the whole time. When it was over, felt like I had just had the longest vacation ever, like I had just gotten up from a beach somewhere with no worries or concerns. Being so relaxed actually made me laugh out loud- who knew I could be that chill! Amazingly hypnosis is truly just a deep relaxation process allowing you to deal with or concentrate on issues, therapeutic and invigorating, at least for me.

Ginger explained that one time isn’t usually all it can take to deal with an issue, with some people going back many times or some just once or twice more (as it turned out I did.) But I left with a strategy and game plan for how to deal with anything that might trigger me wanting to go back to my old ways, and having tools to use on my own was incredibly supportive and empowering.
All my old ideas about hypnosis have been vanquished and Ginger just rocks at making you feel safe, secure, relaxed and in control. If she could only bottle it, I would have some after 5 PM every day! Ginger gives new meaning to the term “happy hour!”

Dawn RD*Individual Results May Vary

“I am a client at Mind Matters Hypnosis for the Weight Release Program. I have had 2 sessions with Ginger and at the end of each of those sessions, I eagerly await the next one. Ginger has an incredible way of putting you at ease, guiding you through the process, asking great questions to understand "where you are," and bringing comfort so that you can be honest - with her and yourself! She has an awesome personality that brings a vibe like you are talking with a dear friend. My self-awareness in my thoughts and actions is definitely elevated and "cravings" aren't present. I am enjoying the freedom I am experiencing to simply enjoy my present moments to allow for better tomorrows.”

Jacqueline D.*Individual Results May Vary

“Hypnotherapy has resuscitated my quality of life. Working with Dayna has been more helpful than EMDR. In only a few sessions I was able to resolve panic disorder from a trauma I had been dealing with for over three years! I’m still in awe of the process and only wish I’d found it sooner.
I’m so grateful I was led to this work and to Dayna. The suffering I was experiencing is now safely in the past where it belongs.”

Candice S.*Individual Results May Vary

“I usually don't write reviews but I feel it's important to let people know how awesome this place is. Professional, insightful and inspirational! I can't believe how much shifted for me
In one visit! Over FaceTime no less! I'm a physician and pretty pragmatic. This place is the real deal. Hypnosis with Mind Matters definitely got me unstuck and going the right direction again!”

ANONYMOUS*Individual Results May Vary

“Went to see Mind Matters Hypnosis for five sessions for everything from self-esteem, excessive drinking, and relationship problems. Just from those five sessions it has completely changed my life for the better. My relationship has improved and my overall outlook in life is better. I now have a better awareness of why I do things and can control my actions and reactions. I would recommend this place to anyone. It's hard at first to open yourself up to change, but I promise if you do you will be forever grateful to Mind Matters Hypnosis.”

JESSICA*Individual Results May Vary

“Mind Matters Hypnosis does great work. My hypnotist got me over a serious case of writer's block. I had two sessions, and they were money and time well spent!

I know three other people who have benefited from Mind Matters Hypnosis. They told me about how the team helped them work to their athletic potential, cope with anxiety, and achieve their best academic performance.

Highly recommend the folks at Mind Matters Hypnosis!”

CHRIS*Individual Results May Vary

“Wow! I can’t tell you how much working with Dayna has been helping me! She is really gifted! There is nothing you can’t tell her that she doesn’t understand.
Hypnosis with Dayna has been more effective for me than talking to a traditional therapist. Hypnosis takes all the work and puts it into a deeper level of your consciousness. You can replace old, outdated thought patterns and take charge of your life. It’s amazing!”

Ashley G.*Individual Results May Vary

“After my hypnosis sessions I broke 80 twice in a row. I had only broken 80 a couple of times before in my 30 years of golf and never consecutively.
After only a few sessions with Dayna I can say with certainty that my golf game is better than ever. An added bonus is that my enjoyment of the game has returned as well.”

Jeffery B.*Individual Results May Vary

“Seeing Calypso has helped me greatly. I feel it helps me access a meditative relaxing state that helps me daily and in my relationships. Seeing what I can achieve in a session makes me feel capable of integrating it into my everyday life with myself.”

Kelly G.*Individual Results May Vary

“The Mind Matters Hypnosis gang is top notch. I refer patients to them regularly, have taken classes there, and have used their guidance for my personal struggles. My life and my business are better, thanks to the work I have done with Mind Matters Hypnosis. Their expertise and professionalism are second to none. Highly, highly recommended. It's an investment in yourself and your life.”

LAUREN*Individual Results May Vary

“Mind Matters Hypnosis helped me alleviate some troubling obstacles. The team’s warm and professional approach put me at ease right away. My hypnotist was a compassionate listener, a wise guide who took the time to understand my current state of mind before we worked together. The conventional health care provider would have spent ten minutes with me, prescribed me a medication as I walk out of the room. Mind Matters Hypnosis’ approach creates a safe-haven where she helped me dig deeper so I could regroup my frame of mind and start fresh.”

DINA*Individual Results May Vary

“I've been to the Center for various issues over the last year. For me, probably the most dramatic change was my relationship with food. After just one hypnosis session, my outlook on eating and what I eat changed dramatically. And it's not something I'm even aware of unless I look back and compare it to how I was. I have lost 40 pounds in the last 5 months and didn't even know I was doing anything differently. It's been truly pleasurable. I choose more nutritious foods and eating doesn't seem to be the only thing I think about anymore. I've also seen the folks at Mind Matters Hypnosis for other issues and have been helped in immeasurable ways. The team is truly a compassionate and caring crew that is really, really good at its job.”

ANONYMOUS*Individual Results May Vary

“Simply put, this place saved my life! I was referred by my sister, who went to Mind Matters to quit smoking cigarettes and has been a non-smoker for over 8 years now! I was struggling with many issues in my life at the time, including drug addiction (opiates/heroin more specifically) & even suicidal ideations. I had tried many other forms of therapy, including an extremely expensive rehab my parents sent me to (more than once throughout my addiction), NA/AA, IOP, relapse prevention groups, psychiatric medications, etc. I was very weary of hypnotherapy yet, was so desperate, feeling hopeless & completely helpless, therefore, was willing to try ANYTHING!

Thank God I decided to try it. It really gets to the depth of things! I was taught how to identify the root cause to these issues, as well as how to love myself again and truly feel worthy of great things. I am clean and sober today (have been over two years now), without any urges to ever go back to that way of life! I'm a better mother, partner, daughter, sister, friend, and professional (social worker) today! All aspects of my life have improved! Like a complete 180!

My family has never been happier for me as well. My parents and fiancé can finally sleep without worrying so much! I have never experienced happiness like this! I'm so incredibly grateful for this experience and plan to continue to follow-up with it in order to maintain my healthy mind set. If you're on the fence about this, well, give it a try! I promise you will NOT regret it! (Give it at least 3-5 sessions to start seeing results).”

BETH*Individual Results May Vary

“I used hypnosis for weight release. All my life, I couldn’t lose weight. I've been heavy all my life and weight loss just doesn't happen to someone like me.

I went to Mind Matters Hypnosis on Valentine’s Day—a day of importance for me, because I quit smoking on Valentine’s Day and gained over 40 pounds in a year.

I was interested in seeing if hypnosis would help with weight loss. I was pushing 300 pounds when I went in for my first weight release session.

After some sessions, hard work on my end, and following Mind Matters Hypnosis “homework” on weight release, I'm almost 40lbs lighter. This is so exciting to me!

My son has also lost some weight with the different, more nutritional foods in the house.

Life hasn't been easy but, I got to say, I like this life and I'm so grateful that the Mind Matters Hypnosis team has helped me get to lead a life I'm happy with.”

ANN*Individual Results May Vary

“I've been to Mind Matters Hypnosis a handful of times. I had may "blocks" in my life and accessing them on a conscious level was too overwhelming with the EMDR technique, so my journey started with a backdoor approach of hypnosis.

I was so nervous taking a journey into the unknown. I've struggled for years with PTSD, and I just wanted some lasting relief. I wasn't looking for a "bandaid" type therapy which would put me back into therapy the next time a trigger or triggers came about. That kind of life was and continued to be the life of a roller coaster. Life is too short to spend more than half of it walking on egg shells, waiting for the next shoe to fall.

My first session was in the Guilford office. I was greeted with a smile and asked to have a seat in the next room. We did some family history and I was taught some techniques during our session. She explained hypnotherapy to me and answered all my questions. I was given homework to do and was asked to use the techniques daily.

The team has been very supportive in between our sessions, answering all sorts of questions I've had. I’m sometimes given homework; some of it is really hard for me to do but I’m reassured that it's all part of my healing process. Trust is and was very hard for me but, this was a new journey for me, and I wanted everything possible to get me off this roller coaster of life.

I can honestly say that the PTSD is gone. I'm a completely different person today with all the help and support I received from Lisa. My friends, family and coworkers can see such a change. I never really knew what true happiness was until the baggage of life's traumas were taken out though the backdoor of hypnosis.

I'd recommend anyone to try hypnosis with an open mind going into it. I can't thank Mind Matters Hypnosis enough for the life I've found hiding under the dis-ease of PTSD. My next step is weight release. So looking forward to the results of that journey.”

ANONYMOUS*Individual Results May Vary

“I have worked with the Mind Matters Hypnosis team for almost 10 years in both a business relationship and personally as a client. The team has given me concrete tools I could use immediately to help overcome my fear of flying. I've recommended Mind Matters Hypnosis many times to my friends, family and business contacts for everything from smoking cessation to weight loss to anxiety and more. Mind Matters has a wealth of knowledge and has written many fantastic articles for my publication over the years. Highly recommended to anyone.”

DIANE*Individual Results May Vary

“Mind Matters Hypnosis is amazing! I highly recommend this practice!”

MARJON*Individual Results May Vary

“I've struggled with procrastination for as long as I can remember. I was close to failing out of college at UConn because I just couldn't bring myself to do the work sometimes. After going to Mind Matters, I was extremely motivated and am back on track. I passed my summer courses and am looking forward to graduating next semester!! Thank you Mind Matters!!”

TAYLOR*Individual Results May Vary

“So grateful for Mind Matters Hypnosis. You know those speed bumps that make you slow down and pay attention. Hypnosis is a way to access your deep inner knowing, that part of ourselves that already has the answers. She just helps you find your way. Leave feeling deeply relaxed, motivated to make changes in your life and overcome any obstacle that may be blocking you from your highest self. You'll feel lighter and brighter. Thank you, Lisa.”

COREY*Individual Results May Vary

“Mind Matters Hypnosis is wonderful and professional, and I would recommend it to anyone. The team makes you feel at home the minute your session starts, and I was completely relaxed the whole time I was there. I have been twice so far and I found both sessions extremely beneficial. I was dealing with severe anxiety for a very long time and since my sessions I have had an almost 100% improvement. It is such a great feeling! Hypnosis is a very intimate experience and it is very comforting to know what great hands you are in with Mind Matters Hypnosis!”

MICHAELA*Individual Results May Vary

“My experience at Mind Matters Hypnosis was amazing. I was helped physically, emotionally and mentally. I had tried many methods, including therapy and nothing worked until I went to Mind Matters Hypnosis. My hypnotist was so good with me that I even brought my daughter to see her for her allergies, and the pricing was reasonable. She is very professional but also feels like a best friend. She was very welcoming and calming. The experience changed me so much that I am now completing coursework to be a certified Hypnotist so that I can help others the way she helped me.

I would recommend Mind Matters to everyone.”

YOVANNA*Individual Results May Vary

“My first session of two was 7/13/15 and I was also asked to pay for it all in advance, however I only paid for the 1st session the date that I went and the 2nd session on 7/20/15 when I returned a week later. I thought the price would be too much for the results.

The office area was small but quaint and the hypnotist who I was scheduled to see was very professional. At no point in time during the session did I ever feel as if I wasn't in control of what I was doing or saying. I had to add that in because a lot of people that I know have misconceptions about being hypnotized and not having control. I was mindful of my surroundings the ENTIRE TIME and felt completely comfortably and safe.

I quit smoking that same day after my first visit and haven't smoked since. Although I stopped smoking that day I did attend the second session the following week. I am the mother of a young toddler; therefore, it was important to me to quit for life. I feel that both of the sessions are beneficial and even necessary to have this foundation forever. When I attended the second session, I was able to tell her what worked for me and what I may still need to concentrate on during the second session. In this way all my issues and concerns were cleared up fully at the end of the 2nd visit even though I had already quit smoking after the 1st visit. (No nagging temptations to smoke after the 2nd visit.)

Although it has only been a few weeks I do not even have cravings AT ALL and I am now a NON-SMOKER! I don't want to smoke I don't even think about cigarettes, it's as if I forgot I used to smoke. We even discussed healthier options for when I am driving which is when I used to smoke the most.

Mind Matters Hypnosis honed in on a lot of my concerns as they related to smoking and addressed a few issues that exacerbated my smoking; such as my anxiety and grief related to a family member's passing which triggered me to begin to smoke nine years ago. The work that was done through hypnotherapy regarding the grief and anxiety and how it related to my smoking was astonishing and I am forever grateful! I am now a true believer in this process. I would recommend Mind Matters Hypnosis Center to my family and friends.”

NADINE*Individual Results May Vary

“Mind Matters Hypnosis is amazing and very skilled, professional on all levels.

I was treated in only three sessions for motion sickness and acrophobia - both of which are completely gone despite living this way for 50 years. I have never been happier. I can't say enough about how grateful I am for my experience.

As a mental health practitioner for over 20 years, I have also had the unfortunate experience of mentally unstable reviewers. It is difficult because in this field there are people who are not emotionally healthy and only want to create chaos. They will write excessively about others in a negative light (never saying a positive word) but won't take responsibility for their own negative behaviors.

I only give five stars and refer others to a practitioner if I know that person is truly good at what they do and provides ethical and professional service. I have sent quite a few people to Mind Matters Hypnosis and they all have had positive feedback about their successful treatment. A + + + + + + + + + +

AMANDA*Individual Results May Vary

“I reached out to Mind Matters Hypnosis to help me combat a 30-year tobacco habit.

I was not disappointed. After the very first session, my desire to continue my relationship with tobacco ended. The initial session with Mind Matters Hypnosis was a very calm exploration of my thought process and it guided me to change some things around for my wellbeing.

While I wasn't skeptical entering, I had no real expectations of the outcome, but I can tell you the results are pretty spectacular.”

JOHN*Individual Results May Vary

“I was referred to Mind Matters Hypnosis Center to help me to work through a serious issue that has been hampering my well-being for many years. The center’s caring and compassionate guidance made me able to address the history of the issue and bring resolution to it. I went into my first session with a fair amount of anxiety, but my hypnotist was able to refocus my energy in a positive direction that worked to problem resolution.

In a second session, Mind Matters Hypnosis helped to guide me into past life regression which astounded me and clearly correlated to the early life crisis that has troubled me for years.

I have already recommended this fine crew to several friends and associates.”

MARK*Individual Results May Vary

“Mind Matters Hypnosis worked with our son for about a year. Not only is Mind Matters Hypnosis insightful about the issues of teenagers, our hypnotist earned his trust and has come to be someone he can rely on when he needs a "safe place.” We are so grateful to Mind Matters Hypnosis for its many years of experience and the wonderful care provided. We would not hesitate to refer people.”

JACKIE*Individual Results May Vary

“Over the last several years, Mind Matters Hypnosis has helped me through many challenges that I have had going on in my life. Compassion, skills, professionalism, soothing voices, kindness, and comfortable environments make for a very healing experience. I know life isn't done throwing curve balls, but as long as I book sessions at Mind Matters Hypnosis and also use the techniques it has taught me, I know I will get through anything!”

LOREEN*Individual Results May Vary

“While many people are wary of hypnosis, based on my experience, I truly hope more people will give it a try. My college-age son has been struggling with unexplained anxiety for years. After several therapists offered no help, we tried working with Mind Matters Hypnosis. Years of anxiety and confusion was handily addressed in just a few sessions. He's not only relieved to understand what was at the heart of his behavior, but also confident and optimistic about his future. “

MARY*Individual Results May Vary

“Skilled, effective and compassionate are words I think of when I think of Mind Matters Hypnosis.

Three sessions with (via FaceTime and phone) were all it took to help me change behavior and catapult myself towards my goals. I just wish I went sooner!”

LISA*Individual Results May Vary

“I pursued hypnosis at the urging of my therapist. She felt I had become stuck, and she was right. In traditional therapy, I had identified my issues - their sources and manifestations - but I was unable to move forward because I was mired in pain.

I went to Mind Matters Hypnosis and immediately felt a sense of hope. Through our work together, I was able to release the pain that had plagued me for years. Now, I feel as if a weight has been lifted, and my outlook on life and its possibilities is bright.

I will forever be grateful for the help I received.”

HOLLY*Individual Results May Vary

“Mind Matters Hypnosis is dedicated to finding solutions for client issues and challenges. Anything from anxiety issues, to health issues, to relationship issues – Mind Matters Hypnosis can do it all!”

MONICA*Individual Results May Vary

“My husband and I learned hypnobirthing techniques in several sessions at Mind Matters Hypnosis. Wow, did the hypnosis help with the birth of our son - no pain meds and as relaxed as one can be in such a situation! Thanks, Mind Matters Hypnosis!”

BARBARA*Individual Results May Vary

“Mind Matters Hypnosis is amazing. You get to the core of your issues. Highly recommended for any type of anxiety or personal issues.”

JOSEPH*Individual Results May Vary

“I have had two sessions with Mind Matters Hypnosis, and the team is wonderful, caring, and empathetic. I felt like my hypnotist genuinely cared about my progress. I am so optimistic and excited about the future and the possibilities ahead for me! Thank you!”

TRACY*Individual Results May Vary

“Mind Matters Hypnosis changed my life! I have been suffering from debilitating PTSD for the past 20 years and I thought I was coping. I wasn't - I was just surviving. Mind Matters Hypnosis has taken me to LIVING. I am forever grateful. I have learned skills that I will use for the rest of my life. Worth every penny I spent.”

JESSIE*Individual Results May Vary

“Mind Matters Hypnosis assisted me in letting go of life long family issues that were dragging me down and keeping me from recognizing that I deserve happiness. The process helped me get rid of my lifelong belief that I'm not good enough as I am. I no longer fear the world is in an inevitable downward spiral of disarray and doom. Not only that, Mind Matters Hypnosis helped me flush a very disturbing and toxic business contact as well as a neighbor/friend who turned against me after we got close. All of this change was accomplished in four visits. The results have been permanent.”

MARILYN*Individual Results May Vary

“Mind Matters Hypnosis had worked with me on quitting my smoking habit. It has been almost 10 months now. I love the fact that I haven't craved for a cigarette. Two of my friends have also quit under Mind Matters Hypnosis’ guidance. I am extremely pleased with the center’s professionalism. Thank you!”

ALICE*Individual Results May Vary

“I had the best day of my 43-year long life! Mind Matters Hypnosis guided me through such enlightenment about the light I have inside of me, and I was able to realize the power of what I have within. I have been paralyzed by a severe phobia for most of my life, and I now know I have the strength to live a whole new, healthy, happy, phobia free life. This was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I thank Mind Matters Hypnosis for sharing expertise and for helping me realize I could take on every day for the rest of my life. I look forward to all the happy days ahead. Thank you so very much for making such an impact on the quality of my life as a woman, mother, teacher and friend.”

ROSELYN*Individual Results May Vary

“Just finished ten meditation/counseling/advice sessions with Mind Matters Hypnosis. Talk about great work. Best third-party advisor I have met with over three years to explore and address various issues.”

STAN*Individual Results May Vary

“I have been visiting Mind Matters Hypnosis since the end of September, 2018 for help with Weight Release. In two and a half weeks, I have lost over 12 pounds after two sessions!! Before I began my sessions, I was feeling very down about myself and my weight and just not feeling or looking healthy. My sessions helped me to stay away from foods that aren't good for me and have helped me crave the foods that are healthy and delicious. I even have plenty of energy to exercise and have play time with my two very active dogs! I now have a renewed sense of respect for myself and my body. I am looking forward to my next sessions. Thank you!”

DAWN*Individual Results May Vary

“Mind Matters Hypnosis changed my life in more ways than can be measured! Legitimately owe my life! Wouldn't be where I am or who I am today without it! ANYONE, who's struggling with ANYTHING in life, PLEASE consider it!! It WILL change your life for the BEST!!”

ELIZABETH*Individual Results May Vary

“I had the pleasure of experiencing the suggestive healing powers of Elaine Jansen with Mind Matters in West Hartford, CT. The session was both relaxing as well as introspective. Her initial approach had left me wanting more and I am looking forward to working with Elaine moving forward.”

TIM*Individual Results May Vary

“My hypnotist, Elaine, had me at ease right away. She helped me lower my stress level significantly which greatly helped me get through a difficult time in my life.”

FAITH*Individual Results May Vary

“Calypso’s energy and approach to her hypnosis practice made me feel safe and comfortable right from the start. She’s a great listener and can quickly deduce what challenges to work on first. My first session had me feeling balanced, clear-headed, light and extremely motivated to tackle the items we decided to work on. To this day, I still find myself hearing her voice in my head, reminding me of what I want and need to work on. I look forward to future sessions with Calypso, as she is warm, welcoming, knowledgeable in her craft, and exceptional at guiding you on a safe and healing hypnosis journey.”

NICO J.P.*Individual Results May Vary

“I have known Calypso for years, and I recently decided to try hypnosis for the first time with her. Due to Calypso’s calm nature, I was able to be extremely comfortable and open to receiving the benefits of hypnosis. She made me realize things about myself, in a very welcoming and non-judgmental way, allowing me to be comfortable the whole session. I believe hypnosis is a very [personal experience, so in my opinion, its very necessary to take part in this with someone as compassionate and trustworthy as Calypso. I would 100% recommend doing hypnosis with Calypso, whether you never have before or you are a returning client.”

MARISSA M.*Individual Results May Vary

“Alicia is amazing. She made me feel very comfortable with the process which contributed to the success of my treatment.”

BRENDA*Individual Results May Vary

“I never thought I could be hypnotized and I was impressed with the experience. I will come again. Thanks, Alicia.”

RENEE*Individual Results May Vary

“Hi, Betty. I just wanted to let you know that the ultimate test happened this week. I was on five planes this week and had no issues with the claustrophobia whatsoever! Your mantra came to me as I was boarding each time and not even a hint of panic set in. Thank you so much for helping me!”

ANDREA*Individual Results May Vary

“I was very pleased with the hypnosis sessions that I received from Calypso. I didn’t know what to expect and I thought it was just going to be something new to try and I probably wouldn’t get very much from it. I was very wrong. I had previously done about a year of therapy, covering the same subjects that I had brought up in hypnosis. If I could go back, I would have skipped therapy and would have gone right to hypnosis with Calypso. She has such a talent for this line of work and I highly recommend her to just about everyone I meet. I truly believe she will change people’s lives.”

NICOLE*Individual Results May Vary

“Alicia created a comfortable place to experience this new process. She was non-judgmental and seemed to understand my issues. Her presence was calming and her voice soothing.”

THERESE*Individual Results May Vary

“This was my first time trying hypnosis. I saw how essential the hypnotic techniques are for allowing myself to get relaxed and push past my own firewalls to face facts and understand my blind spots better. In my limited experience, talk therapy takes no much longer to chip away at the defensiveness that keeps us blinded from some memories and self-reflections. Calypso is a thoughtful and kind person, and I have a lot of respect for her talents as a healer!”

JADEN H.*Individual Results May Vary

"I am very careful in my referrals to other therapists for my patients. I want only the best and I am not often satisfied. But, from the first meeting, I felt confidence in your professionalism, compassion, therapeutic views, and your desire to have a close working relationship with the ‘team’ treating patients. I have not been disappointed. Your techniques have gotten ‘stuck’ patients moving in positive directions. Your level of communications has been superb. Our collaboration has given me new ideas and rejuvenated my approach. I am convinced that hypnosis is a significant therapy for my patients… and that you are the hypnotist with whom I’ll be working for a long time to come."

JOYCE KAMANITZ, M.D., F.A.P.A.*Individual Results May Vary

"Wow, I can’t believe my problem is over. I am no longer afraid to try new foods. I can take tests without freaking out. My anxiety level went from through the roof to just right! I was so unhealthy because I was too afraid to try new healthy foods and now I am healthier and happier. Hypnosis works, believe me. I have had this problem for 16 years and it became a lifestyle, never to change. After my hypnosis sessions I have changed and I just can’t believe it! I am so grateful and happy, I actually cried over my last session because it has changed my life. My anxiety disorder is gone without the use of medication. Thank you so much for everything, you really have no idea how much it means to me. I would recommend hypnosis to anyone without any problem. Thank you!"

RACHEL FROM CANTON*Individual Results May Vary

"I struggled for many years to quit smoking – I used Chantix, gum, patch, Wellbutrin & “white knuckling” — not only did these not work, it was incredibly painful going through the quitting process each and every time. Using hypnosis to help me quit smoking was a completely different experience … Not only was it NOT long & painful, I noticed immediately that I didn’t need a cigarette — the cravings I did have the first few days were mild & the techniques I learned from MMH were very effective in helping me get past those few shaky moments. My only regret is that I didn’t try this years ago… This WORKS & I will (& already have) suggest this to others… Thank you so much for giving me the tools I needed to get my life back."

ANONYMOUS*Individual Results May Vary

"23 pounds and counting…I was 201 on Jan 1st, and today I was 178 with 4% body fat loss!!! And the best part is I don’t crave anything!! I have totally disconnected from junk food. If it’s not good fuel for the engine it doesn’t go in the tank. I can’t thank you enough for your advice and wisdom. I tell everyone about you and hopefully they will take the step, too."

JOHN FROM SIMSBURY*Individual Results May Vary

"Just so you know, I am doing great and things are going great. You really played an important role in helping me to become a much happier person and get over the emotional trauma I suffered in my life, and for that, I will be forever grateful. Thanks again."

ALICIA FROM NEW BRITAIN*Individual Results May Vary

"I knew if you could do it for my sister – the ‘professional’ smoker – you could do it for me and you did!!! Life as a non-smoker is even better than you said it was going to be!! I can’t believe I deprived myself of it for all these years. I thank you and my family thanks you for all that you did to help me (and my daughter) conquer that nasty old habit. It was worth the drive."

BARBARA FROM NEW JERSEY*Individual Results May Vary

"My weight loss has been very steady and very consistent. So far, I’ve lost 24 pounds. I’m struck by how consistent it’s been; there hasn’t been a week where I’ve gone backwards. My original goal was to get from 246 to 200 but now that I’ve got a pattern going, I see no reason why I can’t be 185-190. I don’t know how to thank you – I can’t find the words. All I can say is that your help has changed my life and I can’t thank you enough."

ERIC FROM CANTON*Individual Results May Vary

"Thanks for working with Tyler this week. He was very upbeat upon leaving your office, thanked me several times for taking him, and said he felt much “more confident about things.” He also sat right down after school and worked on his homework for an hour which he really felt good about. I can’t think of any more worthwhile an investment."

CHERI FROM CANTON*Individual Results May Vary

"Betty was wonderful! I honestly can’t believe the improvement in my teeth clenching.. It is something I’ve struggled with for years. On the occasions (much less frequent and much less severe) that I do find myself clenching I can use the tools Betty taught me to relax my jaw. I am confident that some day I will be completely free of this habit."

DORA FROM WATERBURY*Individual Results May Vary

"My doctor chuckled when I asked for a referral to get hypnosis for my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome.) I’m the one chuckling now because it’s completely gone after only 2 sessions. I am a free woman, thank you so much!"

DANA FROM CANTON*Individual Results May Vary

"I feel a quiet, peaceful feeling in my soul since working with Mind Matters Hypnosis."

CHRISTINE FROM AVON*Individual Results May Vary

"No smoking! The urge is TOTALLY gone. Thanks Mind Matters Hypnosis, it was worth every penny."

JOANN FROM SIMSBURY*Individual Results May Vary

"I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for all of your help. I am still a NON-SMOKER thanks to you, but in addition to that I felt a huge burden of anxiety and negativity and grief lifted off of my chest after our last session. It was so freeing and amazing. God Bless you for what you do. Thanks again for all of your help, the whole experience was amazing and I continue to feel awesome after the last visit."

NATALIA*Individual Results May Vary

"I have completed two sessions of hypnotherapy for GI concerns. Elaine put me at ease immediately and spent a lot of time gathering information about my current issues and past history including physical, relational, and emotional. Many of her comments were insightful and inspired trust. The hypnotherapy experience was easy for me and very relaxing as I listened to Elaine's calming voice. She was able to include everything that I had shared with her previously. At the end of my session she gave me some behavioral tools that I could use at home to enhance my experience and calm difficult feelings. I have tried them and have found them surprisingly easy to do and very effective. As of now, I do not know whether the hypnosis treatment will rid me of all my physical discomforts but, overall, it has been a positive experience."

JANE*Individual Results May Vary

"Ginger's enthusiasm and confidence made our session enlightening and enjoyable.
She took time to educate me as she researched the subject which I was seeking her help with. I feel the hypnosis was successful and I left the session with a plan and reason for how to achieve my goal.
For that I am extremely thankful to Ginger, both for her time and compassion."

R.C.*Individual Results May Vary

"Seeing Calypso has helped me greatly. I feel it helps me access a meditative relaxing state that helps me daily and in my relationships. Seeing what I can achieve in a session makes me feel capable of integrating it into my everyday life with myself."

KELLY*Individual Results May Vary

"I am a client at Mind Matters Hypnosis for the Weight Release Program. I have had 2 sessions with Ginger and at the end of each of those sessions, I eagerly await the next one. Ginger has an incredible way of putting you at ease, guiding you through the process, asking great questions to understand "where you are," and bringing comfort so that you can be honest - with her and yourself! She has an awesome personality that brings a vibe like you are talking with a dear friend. My self-awareness in my thoughts and actions is definitely elevated and "cravings" aren't present. I am enjoying the freedom I am experiencing to simply enjoy my present moments to allow for better tomorrows."

JACQUELINE D.*Individual Results May Vary
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