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Subconscious Tools for Troubling Times

subconscious tools for troubling times

It keeps you up at night, or maybe it’s there first thing when you wake up in the morning. Your eyes open and this wave of anxiety flows over you before you’re even fully awake. You watch the news or check out your Facebook feed, and crazy things are happening in the world. It’s literally hard for your mind to make sense of it all. You listen to some of the decisions being made by our government, and you literally can’t understand what they’re thinking but are pretty sure they’re not thinking about you, your family, or mother earth for that matter. You wonder how you’re going to navigate through it all. If this sounds like you, read on because there is help. You can learn to navigate these tough and triggering times; and in my opinion, we NEED to learn to stay on an even keel, otherwise we add to the collective chaos.

Fear comes in many flavors, and this is the first time in my 15-year career as a hypnotist that clients are coming in with so many flavors of fear that they often can’t differentiate between worry, anxiety, dread, confusion, anger, difficulty concentrating or making decisions, insecurity, procrastination, and insomnia. All they can say is, “I feel so OVERWHELMED and I don’t know how to handle it!” Fortunately, hypnosis does help and there are solutions that you can start utilizing today.

Managing Your Emotions

First and foremost, understand that all emotions are energy. The definition of emotion is “energy in motion.” Emotions are designed to come up so that we’re aware that something needs to be brought into alignment, whether it be a thought, belief or perspective. Maybe a solution needs to be found to a challenge so that we can feel better and more empowered.

Unfortunately, we as a society have never been taught what our emotions are, what purpose they’re intended to serve or how to allow them to communicate with us. We’ve failed to understand that it’s our thoughts, beliefs and perspectives of experiences and of ourselves that create them. Instead, we’ve been taught that any uncomfortable emotions are bad and that we should stuff them or try to distract away from them. We’re often also taught that they’re in control of us vs. our being in control of them.

Emotions are designed to provide us guidance – much like all the dashboard indicators on our car. Ignoring our emotions is like covering our dashboard indicators and therefore not receiving crucial information on this journey called life. Our emotions are designed to come up and then release once we’ve received their information. Instead, they come up and we try to ignore them or stuff them down so we end up with this big reservoir of suppressed emotions that wreaks havoc on our physiology. Eighty-five percent of disease is functional, which means it stems from the mental or emotional body vs. the physical body.

Here’s an easy process you can follow:

  1. Start to feel your feelings – they’re there to help, not harm.
  2. Give what you’re feeling a name so that your emotional body knows that it’s been heard. That alone will begin to ease the emotion.
  3. Get conscious about what you’re thinking. Most of our emotions are created by our thoughts, so identify what you’re thinking as that’s where your power to change what you’re feeling lies.
  4. Choose a better feeling, thought or a more positive perspective. When we assume the worst, we feel worse. When we assume the best, we feel better.
  5. Focus away from the problem and toward the solution. Wallowing in the problem isn’t going to make you feel better, but finding and applying a solution will. Every positive action will help you feel stronger and more empowered.

Emotional Freedom Technique

The Emotional Freedom Technique is based on Chinese Medicine, the philosophy of which is, “health is flowing energy, dis-ease is blocked energy.” Fear is a classic blocker, so when we’re filled with fear, energy from source is not flowing into or feeding us. It’s like trying to grow a garden with kinks in the hoses of the irrigation system. The Emotional Freedom Technique (otherwise known as EFT or Tapping) helps clear those blocks and gets us back into the flow. It’s a super simple technique that we teach the bulk of our clients, including little children, and it works like a charm. Go to and click on the Services/Subconscious Tools section of the website or the After Your Session section for a free demo.

The bottom line is that all our emotions are stored at the subconscious level of the mind, which is why hypnosis and other subconscious tools and techniques have been proven to be more effective than traditional therapy when it comes to releasing old suppressed emotions.

Every emotion that we feel and ignore or suppress gets stored down in the subconscious. Over time this reservoir of suppressed emotions gets bigger and bigger and affects us in a myriad of different ways. We end up trying to find ways of coping with them, e.g., eating, smoking, drinking, drugging, gambling, or shopping. Unfortunately, most of our coping mechanisms are unhealthy and create more of the emotions we’re trying to cope with. Thankfully there are healthy ways to drain our emotional reservoirs and ways to learn to work with instead of fight against our emotions. If you’re struggling, why not use the part of your mind that is designed to help you quickly (typically within 3-5 sessions), safely, easily and naturally?

SPECIAL NOTE: In order to work on diagnosed anxiety, a referral from either your primary care physician or your psychiatrist or psychologist is required.

Hear some of our client testimonials:
“I’ve realized something (or rather someone pointed this out to me). I am not anxious when I wake up in the morning! I am not full of a horrible feeling in my gut. I no longer have that sensation and now do not dread going into work. Thank you so very much; I feel free for the first time in my life, truly free.”
~ Rose from Farmington

“How do you thank a person who has literally saved your life? I’m not sure there are even words. Living with depression and anxiety is like being trapped inside your own mind with demons gnawing on your self-esteem. And you, in your great kindness and patience, have freed me from it. On behalf of my infinitely precious children who now have a calm, compassionate mother, on behalf of my sweet husband who now has a put-together, happy wife and on behalf of myself whose life you have completely changed, I thank you from the depth of my being.”
~ Orli from Waterbury