Weight release hypnotic


If you’ve got less than 30 pounds to lose, these audio sessions may be all you need. This first audio set runs 45 minutes and guides you into the state of hypnosis.

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Through these audios, you will be allowed to see and understand your old relationship with food and all the unhealthy connections your mind has made around food. For example, food = relaxation, company, comfort, etc. Then step by step, it will help you build a new relationship; one that is pure and healthy – where food equals only one thing and that’s fuel for your body.

It will enable you to eat for nutrition only – separating food from emotions. In addition, it will train your brain to become disinterested or repelled by foods that equal fat and attracted to those that equal thin, fit and healthy. It will enable you to tune back into your body’s innate signals for hunger, fullness, thirst and exercise – even if you haven’t heard them in years – and allow those signals to be your guide. It will increase your motivation and enjoyment of exercise and encourage you to love your body every step on your path to thin, fit and healthy.

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