Smoking cessation


This hour-long audio program has been developed by a former smoker, thoroughly tested and effective. It works, all you need is the want to quit.

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Hypnosis will not work if you’re quitting because your doctor told you to, or because your spouse or friends have been bugging you, or if you just don’t want to or are not yet ready. You have to want to quit, otherwise the suggestions for change will not be allowed past the conscious mind into the subconscious mind where the habit/addiction of smoking is stored.

If you want to quit, your subconscious or protective mind will gladly help you. This audio session will literally change your identity from smoker to non-smoker, breaking up all the old mind connections that have perpetuated the habit all these years.

This audio program will shine the light on all the lies that cigarettes have told you over the years and make the only true mind connection that should be there around cigarettes: CIGARETTES = DEATH. Afraid of quitting and gaining weight – don’t worry, as this will also help you understand that dynamic and provides suggestions for healthy living. Many clients find that they lose weight as an added bonus.

For some, a single listening is enough. For others, it will take 3-5 listens and for the balance, 21 listens before you’re back in control of life.

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