You’ve most likely heard about how wonderful the practice of meditation is for mind and body. This audio provides you with a very gentle transition from your hectic everyday pace into a much slower more relaxed state of being.

It has a great ability to diminish stress, increase your feelings of confidence and well-being, diminish headaches, lower blood pressure, improve your sleeping patterns, as well as your immune system and much, much more.

Meditation helps shift your brain wave patterns from Beta (your normal, conscious brainwave state) to Alpha (which is a slower, more relaxed brain wave pattern). Deep states of hypnosis shift your brain wave patterns from Beta though Alpha and into Theta and Delta, which are even more beneficial to mind and body. That being said, meditation is wonderful for your mental and physical health and is a nice option for those who just need to relax or those who don’t feel quite ready for hypnosis or who are working to achieve even deeper states while in hypnosis.

This audio will guide your body, as well as your mind, into a nice stillness with a series of pre-meditation exercises and then through 20 minutes of meditation. The best time to use this audio is first thing in the morning or last thing at night before sleep, though anytime during the day will be beneficial.

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