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What is agoraphobia

Never before in our lifetimes have we been faced with such nervousness around going out. Grocery stores. Restaurants. Bars. Schools. Busses. Really, any place where there are several individuals or several dozen people…or more. Some may blame COVID-19 for the newfound anxiety. Others may have been struggling with fear of going out and meeting new people for some time, only to have compounding concerns stemming from the pandemic.

We use hypnosis to find ways to reduce fear of places and situations involving other people—commonly known as agoraphobia. Unlock freedom from agoraphobia in NYC & CT with our hypnosis for agoraphobia program, which includes expert hypnotherapy that results in experiencing a sense of safety and fearlessness.

Hypnosis for agoraphobia
Hypnosis for agoraphobia

Why hypnosis can help

Our messages target your subconscious to help your mind understand the root of your fear around people and gathering places. We can help your mind have a conversation with itself to evaluate the safety of COVID-19 mitigation measures and the compassion most people have in the world to the ongoing public health crisis.

Even if there is concern over certain activities in the pandemic, the brain does not need to have a panic attack. De-traumatization is the goal with hypnosis for agoraphobia. Relaxation in these kinds of social environments, over time, can lead toward getting over agoraphobia during and after the pandemic.

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